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A Little Bit about My Grandpa




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Every morning, when I was on my way to the company, the old men that I saw made me remind of my grandpa.
Once upon a time, when I was a little boy, I loved listening to the story that my grandpa told. He was not professional, but always be that. He didn’t have magnetic voice or diversiform expression and sometimes he even forgot what he should tell next, and then showed me a naïve posture… However, that was the most beautiful words I ever heard!
My grandpa used to be a teacher in the primary school and then served as an accountant in the local village committee. I heard from my grandma that all the people in the village committee may be a little bit greedy except my grandpa. Once, there was a harvest of peanuts which belonged to the public, and everybody took some home but my grandpa did not. After that grandma gave a heavy blame to grandpa, saying he was very foolish! Haw-haw, that is my grandpa, an incorruptness man, even the peanuts he won’t take either!
Grandpa had a medium height, a little bit thin and weak. He told me that he was a very naughty boy and always rubbed people the wrong way, which affected me a lot.
Times I spent with my grandpa was wonderful…
I still remember one night, I had a big pain in my tooth and I was sent to sleep with my grandpa (Because my mom and dad couldn’t stand my noisy). The next morning grandpa took me to see the dentist, from then on, the task of sending me to pull tooth was taken over to my grandpa.
I am naughty, very, very! Hence, I was given a public name called bomb-boy. Anywhere I stay, there must be left something wrong, especially the crops in the field. In addition, I like playing soccer. In my grandpa’s garden, I always shoot the net (I regard the net as soccer gate) which was used to stop from hens, and so, you know that, after several times, my grandpa became an expert in repairing the net.
In recent days, I found a kind of baked biscuit which I saw about 10years ago. Once I bought and tasted, I quickly noticed that was just the flavor of years ago. At that moment, it also reminded me of my grandpa who always bought the same biscuit to me, but what different is that I will never be received from my grandpa.
“The weather is so cold and you must wear one more coat!” This was the sentence that my grandpa would most like to say to everybody in the winter. It seems that I have heard that more and more, even there is callus in my ear! However, now, as soon as the winter comes, I will put on more clothes consciously.
Times flies, I gradually grew up as a youngster; I will never be naughty which annoyed my grandpa. I began to talk to him on series of things, such as study, life, news happened both in home and abroad, even my wife in the future. Suddenly I found that I am not a kid any more and I can join in the affairs with those so called BIG PEOPLE. However, God seems always to play joke with people. I remembered the last time I met with my grandpa and played cards with him as well as my little brother. After that I went back to my college, but my grandpa was ill, badly ill! In November 2006, that may the last chance to see my grandpa, but he told me to continue my study…
There is a sentence in a song called Fo Shuo: I want to give you one more kiss before I cross the Naihe Bridge (It is a bridge to the hell in the legend.). The only people my grandpa wanted to see is I before his journey to the west. Up still now, I regret, definitely!
Memory may be temporary and in the future I may forget everything of my grandpa, in that case, I leave this paper to remember.


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